Mission Statement

To provide to individuals, from any background, the wisdom of Vedanta
and the practical means for spiritual growth and happiness,
enabling them to become positive contributors to society.

Swamiji Photos

"Everybody exists.
It is only the few who live.
To live, you should have an ideal."


"The tragedy of human history is
decreasing happiness in the midst of increasing comforts."

Chinmaya Mission Pledge

We stand as one family,
bound to each other with love and respect.

We serve as an army
courageous and disciplined,
ever ready to fight against
all low tendencies and false values,
within and without us.

We live honestly
the noble life of sacrifice and service,
producing more than what we consume,
and giving more than what we take.

We seek the Lord’s Grace
to keep us on the path of virtue,
courage and wisdom.
May Thy grace and blessings
flow through us to the world around us.

We believe that the service of our country
is the service of the Lord of Lords,
and devotion to the people
is the devotion to the Supreme Self

We know our responsibilities,
give us the ability and courage to fulfill them

Om Tat Sat